"They managed the timeline well and they just really cared"


"We, as most home buyers, were very anxious about the process…it’s the biggest decision most people are going to make…that’s why we ended up choosing Tammy & Adam…they made it so easy and the process was seamless and effortless"


"They hold your hand through the entire process"


"I don’t think you realize how many small details go into planning your home but if it wasn’t for Tammy & Adam, I don’t think our experience would’ve been as great and our finished product wouldn’t be as great…we wouldn’t be as happy as we are"


"We’ve been extremely satisfied with the customer service and how much they care about us"


"We kept coming back to the table with more ideas…to get the plan that would fill our needs. We were very excited by that because we don’t think anyone else would have been able provide that for us"


"We love our home and it has already become the setting for many good times and happy memories"


"Your materials and designs were superior to anyone else that we had seen"


"We couldn’t be more happy with the outcome and where we are and how much we’re enjoying our new home"